Open Mic Stand-up Comedy in English | K.E.V.A. | January 23

Scheduled Stand-up
K.E.B.A. Клуб за Естетическо Възпитание на Артиста, 114, Georgi S. Rakovski, Centre, Sredec, Sofia, Sofia City, Sofia-City, 1000, Bulgaria Map

Join us for a night of hilarity at our Open Mic Stand-up Comedy night – exclusively in English, made in Bulgaria! On JAN 23rd at K.E.V.A. (ul. Rakovski 114)

Anyone can sign up for stage time of max 6 mins and the audience votes for the funniest person of the night, winning him/her a SHAKER OF SHOTS FROM THE BAR!

23.01/Monday/ 20:30 // K.E.V.A. // FREE // 18y.o. only

Host this Monday is the Canadian from Ovcha Kupel – DIMMY DEYANSKI!

Sign up with a comment or live at the gig 💬

* * * No persons under 18 y.o. allowed * * * Inside Joke Stand-up Comedy® 2022 gig

Free entry

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