“The Stoyanov Family” a found photography exhibition

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Scheduled Exhibitions
Кафе-галерия Synthesis, 57, bul. Vasil Levski, Centre, Sredec, Sofia City, Sofia-City, 1700, Bulgaria Map

Exhibition opening:
February 08, Thursday, 19:00, Gallery SYNTHESIS (55 Vasil Levski Blvd, Sofia)
February 10, Saturday, 11:00, curator tour with Tihomir Stoyanov

Tihomir Stoyanov starts collecting film negatives, reversal films, photos and family albums more than five years ago, coming across them at flea markets and antique shops. At the end of 2016 he establishes “Imaginary Archive” – the Bulgarian found photography archive and creates “The Stoyanov Family” Instagram account, where he publishes commonplace socialist family photographs.

A selection of “The Stoyanov Family” project will be on show for the first time in Gallery SYNTHESIS. An imaginary Bulgarian family presenting its everyday life to the modern audience. A black and white tale from the past as an alternative to socialist propaganda, including stories that never found place in the official archives.

In one of the exhibition halls the family’s living room will be on show, including the typical socialist interior, along with original colored portraits.

The atelier where the Imaginary Archive negatives are scanned and archived will also be part of the exhibition, making it possible for the visitors to take a closer look at the working process.
Every visitor can donate a photo from their personal archive, making it a part of “The Stoyanov Family” project.
Imaginary Archive, Bulgarian found photography archive, includes over 10 000 negatives and reversal films, found over the course of more than 5 years.

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