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Photographic exhibition by Petar Nedyalkov
Opening: 15.01.2018, 19:00
Gallery SYNTHESIS, 55, Vasil Levski Blvd.

“Solo” is a documentary photographic project focused on the workload of a small group of Indian workers in one of the last private salt mills in India’s most industrialized city, Mumbai.
These salt marshes are owned by the Garrodia family. Their management is already being transferred to the fourth generation. They are located on both sides of a highway that connects the two main parts of the city. They are the last survivors among the few open spaces and need protection from “upgrading projects”. In addition to their primary purpose, Sols have the role of the only natural flood defense.
Over the last decades, the real estate sector in Mumbai is experiencing a lack of space, and it sees precisely in the territories of Solnitsky its opportunity for development. Actions are being taken to protect them from destruction and build-up. For the time being, a ban on conducting any talks to change their ownership has been issued.
Without this information and without focus attention, it is very likely that the Solniers will remain unnoticed by the passers by the highway.
But Peter Nedyalkov noticed them.
He says that at first he did not even know where he was. Intrigued purely visually, he found the place, the people and the atmosphere that coincided with his idea of ​​a project.

The subject of this exhibition is a solarium that provides work and shelter during the summer season to about 30-40 workers aged between 17 and 60 years.

For 30 days, Peter explores the everyday life and the difficulties faced by this small group of people.

It presents its experience in 24 frames, divided into 10 portraits, 10 reportage frames and 4 panoramic landscapes.

About the author:
Since his school years, Peter knows he wants to be a photographer. It starts from painting with a painter to painting with light. Undoubtedly, his great passion is black and white photography. He likes to shoot everything but mostly street and reportage photography. The stories, the characters and the circumstances that make him stand up for that genre are what makes him preferable to others. He likes clean compositions without any extras. Always looking for geometry in your frames. Inspired by authors such as Arnold Newman, Alex Webb and Matt Black. He was born in 1992 in Sofia. He graduated from the Secondary School of St Ivan Rilski and graduated in Photography at the National Academy of Theater and Film Arts “Krastyo Sarafov” in 2012. His photographs include his diploma project.

The exhibition is part of the program “Gallery SYNTHESIS presents young authors” and can be viewed until 30.01.2018.

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